No one left behind

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Everybody must continue to do their part In the midst of a global pandemic such as the one we are experiencing, it is the poorest among us that usually suffer the most.For Bangladesh in particular, the Covid-19 pandemic has taken away, or greatly minimized, the meagre daily income of countless people, from the rickshaw pullers to the hawkers, cobblers, and even the beggars on the streets.Now more than ever is the time that the government, relevant authorities, and people at large came together and showed solidarity so that the less fortunate in our society are also cared for.Above all, what must be prioritized is that these people receive food and provisions -- absolutely no one should be going hungry in our country.While the government’s plan to give cash handouts to targeted groups is encouraging, along with providing rice for Tk10 per kg, these measures are useless if not strictly monitored and implemented.The government has made several promises to the people, one of which has been to be a government for all the people in this country and to look after their livelihoods.Therefore, all eyes will indeed be on the administration to see whether now, during such a period of immense crisis, it can fulfill its obligations and make sure that citizens aren’t going hungry -- it is a basic human right to have enough food for all people.With total deaths now at over 70,000, there seems to be no stopping the coronavirus, but everybody must continue to do their part so that we can at least slow it down and minimize the suffering it causes.This means ensuring that no one goes hungry, and no citizen is left behind to fend for themselves against this deadly virus.
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