Consultant (Development of BMP Products for Tilapia Grow-Out System)

WorldFish Anywhere in Bangladesh

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  • Get familiar with the outputs and outcomes of the BMP workshops held in Egypt and tilapia dissemination stakeholders workshops in Bangladesh (use as reference document),
  • Work with WorldFish staff and partners to detail the scope, boundaries, and steps for producing tilapia BMP products; A Guide Book and a Training of Trainers' (ToT) Manual on Tilapia Grow-out Systems in Bangladesh in English and Bangla.
  • Review existing tilapia grow-out management practices with the findings from the survey conducted.
  • Identify tilapia grow-out management "research and development innovations" and existing products developed by WorldFish and other institutions that fed into the development of the specific BMP products (conducting FGD, KII and survey of representative grow-out farmers).
  • Include innovative tilapia production systems model developed through AquaLINC Project of WorldFish useful for wider dissemination to large numbers of farmers.
  • Review the inland pond re-circulation system (IPRS) for intensive production of tilapia following economically viable and environmentally friendly model for application by farmers in Bangladesh.
  • Carryout a comprehensive review of BMP products targeting grow-out management of tilapia major producing countries (e.g., Egypt, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, China).
  • Review the BMPs and SOP documents on tilapia grow-out management available for other major species of fish (e.g. Salmon in Norway, UK).
  • Collation and draft tilapia BMP products keeping in mind the sustainable grow-out production management activities including;
  • Site selection for the farm;
  • Farm design;
  • IPRS for tilapia production;
  • Fingerlings collection and stocking management;
  • Feed management;
  • Fish health management and biosecurity;
  • Record keeping, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Transportation;
  • Marketing and sales;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Business skills;
  • Cross-cutting issues; gender, youth, and climate change adaptive management (e.g. high temperature).
  • Peer-review process: Final draft of the tilapia BMP products to be shared with WorldFish Science and Communications teams for progressing to publications by end of the consultancy.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) tracking system with the support from WorldFish M&E team to develop a locally-appropriate (digital) M&E tracking system to monitor and evaluate the productivity and profitability-enhancing benefits derived from the use and adoption of BMP in tilapia grow-out management by public and private sectors.
  • Qualifications

  • PhD Degree in Aquaculture or relevant fields with a strong focus on aquaculture systems, farm management and marketing.
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