Psychosocial Officer, Ultra-Poor Graduation Programme

ব্র্যাক কিশোরগঞ্জ

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  • Coordinate identification of ultra-poor people including people with disabilities with psycho-social support needs
  • Assess the psycho-social needs of identified participants including people with disabilities
  • Plan and conduct individual, family and group counseling sessions, particularly related to motivation of participants including people with disabilities for entry or continuation in employment, with regular follow up, based on a prioritisation system
  • Identify psycho-social referral linkages and refer ultra-poor people including people with disabilities to basic and specialised health and other social services, based on their needs and participate in the roll-out and use of a referral system
  • Raise awareness at community level on psycho-social issues and advocate towards local government and other stakeholders, in collaboration with Disabled People's Organisations, for the inclusion of selected participants including people with disabilities within different physical and mental health and other socio-economic development programmes in the working area
  • Identify and network with other partners active in psychosocial issues in the region and maintain good relations with other relevant stakeholders
  • Participate on behalf of UPG programme in workshops, seminars and meeting related to psychosocial support activities under the supervision of the Branch Manager (UPG)
  • Capacity building of community workers on theoretical and practical skills related to psycho-social support and its contribution to poverty graduation processes via active involvement in delivering trainings, workshops and provision of continuous on the job support
  • Regularly provide basic training on psychosocial support for other UPG programme staff
  • Contribute to the preparation of participants follow-up plan, business plans and rehabilitation plans in collaboration with the Programme Organiser and Rehabilitation Officers, based on the psycho-social needs of the person with a disability
  • Collaborate closely with the Programme Organiser at every step of the graduation cycle
  • Monitor the psycho-social progress of the person with a disability in terms of their inclusion in employment and contribute to re-planning of household/business plans
  • Contribute to indicators and graduation/quality of life index tracking related to the progress of participants towards graduation/quality of life
  • Maintain and update documents related to psycho-social assessments, plans and progress updates
  • Contribute to the collection of case studies (both success and failure) to monitor progress of targeted people with disabilities, especially the most critical types of disabilities
  • Support the production of communicational materials and its content related to psychosocial support
  • Develop different MIS reports, proper documentation and follow administrative rules of programme and organization
  • Ensure the safety of team members from any harm, abuse, neglect, harassment and exploitation to achieve the programme's goals on safeguarding implementation. Act as a key source of support, guidance and expertise on safeguarding for establishing a safe working environment.
  • Practice, promote and endorse the issues of safeguarding policy among team members and ensure the implementation of safeguarding standards in every course of action.
  • Follow the safeguarding reporting procedure in case any reportable incident takes place, encourage others to do so.
  • Qualifications

  • Bachelor/ Masters with major in Psychology or Mental Health from any recognised educational institute.
  • Experience Requirement

  • At least 1 year(s)
  • Experience Requirement

  • Festival Bonus, Contributory Compulsory Provident Fund, Gratuity, Health and life Insurance and others
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    Full Time

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    Aug. 1, 2021, midnight